GC3 —–> God’s Chosen 3


My favorite picture of me and God’s Chosen

God’s Chosen (GC3) is my favorite gospel group of all time. I just thought I’d take time this week to share about why I love them so much! God’s Chosen is a singing trio from St.Louis by the names of Zebrina Anderson, Nikeisha Whittier and Sarah Stephens who travel the country singing.  Before I go any further, go purchase their album “1&6” on ITunes, amazon.com, and gc3music.com RIGHT NOW! The album is absolutely amazing.


a super old picture of me and God’s Chosen

 I met God’s Chosen when I was around 13 and have been a diehard supporter ever since. God’s Chosen stood out from the entire STL artist because I noticed that they supported others and were sincerely focused on ministry and not entertainment. God’s Chosen released their first album, “Love Ever After”, nationally in 2007 and I remember like it was yesterday being at their celebration at Vintage Vinyl. God’s Chosen recently released their sophomore album,”1&6” and I was soooo happy that I would not talk about anything else but the release of “1&6”.There are a ton of things I admire about God’s Chosen but I decided to point out these top 10!  Enjoy!


God’s Chosen in worship at their live recording.


  1. They love God. It is very obvious that GC3 loves God and more importantly serves him in every aspect of their lives.
  2. They focus their ministry on saving the lost. At their first CD release concert, I believe two people accepted Christ and were baptized that night.
  3. They support other ministries. God’s Chosen support other STL artist and have supported me since I’ve known them.
  4. They keep it real. If anyone knows any member of God’s Chosen they will tell you like it is. Lol
  5. They are talented. God’s Chosen is very talented and I’ve successfully learned how to fail at each of their runs.
  6. They are committed to being used by God. Brina, Sarah, and Keisha are committed to singing and play vital roles in their local church.
  7. They are humble. God’s Chosen never accepts any glory, but they ALWAYS give glory to God.
  8. They are faithful. So many people would have gave up singing after living in different states, but God’s Chosen kept the faith and stayed together.
  9. They are grateful. After all these years, God’s Chosen thanks me for each and every event that I come support them at.
  10. They are wise, they know the Word of God and they will tell you things in a loving way. Brina, Sarah and Keisha are very wise women who have taught me how to be a godly woman.  I have no problem asking them or sharing things with them because I know they will get me together in a loving way.

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