JUMP IN! ( Week 1)


I  made it to San Diego Tuesday and I have been going non-stop since I got here.  So much has happened this week, but I will only highlight a few things. I have been truly blessed with a great DNA small group( Holly, Leanne and Lauren)  who I get to dig into scripture and go through life with this summer. I also live with three other girls. When I first arrived, I was welcomed by about 50 students and Cru staff members. I was so excited and couldn’t believe I was actually in San Diego. We kicked off the summer project by talking about our theme for the week. The theme for this week is JUMP IN. We talked about how Peter dropped his nets and followed Jesus in Luke 5. It was so encouraging to hear how Peter gave up everything  and jumped right in and followed Jesus. Image

This week has been super busy but I have jumped right in! I have put all of my pride, fear, etc. away and have shared my story with my DNA group and shared the gospel on the beach. The bible calls us to share the gospel! I have learned that successful evangelism is not if a person accepts Christ, but it taking initiative and leaving the results to God.

On Friday we had a worship night and it awesome to sing worship to God with over 100 college students. Today, I started training at McDonald’s and it was pretty crazy. I did online training for my first two hours and I ended my day shadowing one of the managers.


As I started this summer project, God is showing me more and more everyday that this summer He is going to work my humility. I am not arrogant or prideful by any means but God is  using this time to strip me of everything I am used to. I am excited about being able to learn how to really dig in the Bible, learn how to have a good quiet time with the Lord, and building community with other college students from around the country. Please keep me in prayer and feel free to email me at thetinaoshow@gmail.com to get my address to send me letters :)!



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“But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.”- Philippians 4:19



7 thoughts on “JUMP IN! ( Week 1)

  1. Felecia

    It is your amazing spirit that has inspired me. I have shared your life changing testimony with my 12 year old. Keep on keeping on in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. God bless you.

  2. Melisha

    Enjoy yourself…. Have all the fun in the world.. Take advantage of every opportunity, even the smallest one.
    Big hug !!
    Love you


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