Monthly Archives: June 2014

Going DEEPER>>>>( Week 2)

ImageThe theme this week was going deeper and I can honestly say I went deep FAST. The week started with me attending a church service on sunday. The service was awesome! I really enjoyed the pastor and his style of speaking the Word. When he first started speaking, he told the congregation that we should work to become biblical scholars and tImagehat we should learn the Word of God for ourselves.

On Monday, I went to San Diego State University here in town where I did some evangelizing and had a small group bible study. The campus was absolutely beautiful and their bookstore was HUGE! Monday, I had a night of reflection where I spend two hours with God. It was so awesome and God used this time to show me why he is developing humility in me this summer. I have never been a prideful person, but I am lacking some of the key qualities of a humble person. See Phil 2:1-5 for the qualities of a humble person.Image

On Tuesday, I went to Mt. Soledad for a night of prayer. It was so beautiful even though the heights scared me a little bit. Wednesday was a chill day and I got to be lazy for the day. 

Thursday, I went to work and had a really rough day. After work, I kept thinking if I should be working at McDonald’s and I wondered why my day had to be so hard. After work , we had a women’s time and I learned the story of Tamar. Tamar’s story helped me realize that God never forgets. It was super encouraging because it helped me realized that no matter how I feel , I know in my heart that God has not forgot about me.  

Friday was super awesome because I was off work and I finally got to sleep in since I’ve been here. We have a worship service called FNL on Friday nights and this past Friday, my missional team leader ,Justin, at MSU spoke and gave an incredible message. After FNL, I got to hangout with my best friend and first college friend Sarah-Grace. I loved being able to catch up with Sarah Grace and process through my experience so far. Image

This week was honestly incredibly difficult, but it helped me realize that challenges are God’s way of building me up and making me stronger. Last week was my first time riding the bus EVER and this week after riding the bus almost everyday I  am able to give people directions on how to catch the bus. I am super excited for next week! GO BEARS!