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Week 8- Enter the Mess

This post will be super short! i just wanted to give you guys  an overview and highlight some of what happened this week.This week was fun, but I am honestly excited to go home and see my family and friends.We focused on entering the mess and jumping into the conversations and issues of our lives. We did a homeless outreach Tuesday night where we were able to deliver sack lunches to the homeless community here. It was a really cool experience because it made me realize how much I have that I don’t even need. Another highlight of the week was my church BBQ and baptism. It was really fun and it was awesome how they made the baptisms such a celebratory event. Over 200 people were baptized that day and over 2,000 people attended the event. The week was super fun but I really wanted to highlight these two things! I am really looking forward to going home and spending time with my family and friends!  2 weeks left!


Week 7- #DoitfortheVine

The theme for this week was ” Do it for the Vine”. The theme verse was John 15:5 which says, ” I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I will them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing”. The vision behind this theme was to be reminded of who I am living for and that is Jesus! This week was super cool because I was constantly reminded that I am evangelizing, reaching out to family and friends back home, and living my life for the glory of Jesus and to make His name famous.

Monday, I went to the college campus and evangelized for the majority of the day. On Tuesday night, we had a prayer and worship night on the beach and it was absolutely amazing to worship publicly and pray publicly over the prayer requests of the San Diego community.It was really powerful to see so many college students pray and worship together. On Wednesday night, I did a beach outreach. I was paired with a guy and we walked down the beach evangelizing. We got a chance to talk to a guy who was a Christian but did not associate himself with a organized religion.It was really fun and interesting to talk to him and hear reasons why he believed what he believed.

Thursday, I worked all day and went to our women’s time. I really enjoyed women’s time because we talked about gossip, the problems with gospel, what happens when we gossip and how God calls us to respond to gossip. When we address conflict, Matthew 18:15 tells us that we should address conflict with the intention to win our brother or sister back. This was really something I enjoyed learning about because it’s definitely something that everyone struggles with including myself.

I worked all day friday and then I went to our FNL weekly meeting. The worship was awesome at FNL and the message was about “Motives”.  It was really convicting to learn and hear that we honestly don’t always have genuine motives at heart. Isaiah 64: 6-7 talks about how when we do things out of the wrong motives, we’re like dirty rags. The message really made me evaluate why I do the things I do.

Saturday was super cool because I got to hangout with my cousin that lives here in San Diego and it was just really nice to be able to take a day away and go shopping. Today, I went to church and the message was about listening and learning how to hear God’s voice and follow Him. The message was awesome. The three main points were 1) If we want to know God’s will, we have to learn His voice. In order to know his voice, we have spend time with Him and keep step with the Holy Spirit. 2) We have to listen for when to move to and when to stay. I know for me, I LOVE comfort and I tend to rely on God when I’m comfortable. 3).  Following God’s path makes an eternal impact. One thing the speaker said that I really liked was that we have to step out FIRST and then God will show up—–> that’s FAITH. 

Overall, it was a really good week! God is really raising me up and taking me higher in him. I can;t wait to take everything I’m learning and experiencing back to St. Louis and Springfield.

” For we speak as messengers approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News. Our purpose is to please God, not people.” – 1 Thessalonians 2:4(NLT)

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Weeks 3-6 !

     NO MORE BRAIDSSSS!!! Lol   It has been a LONG time.. about 5 weeks to be exact since the last time I’ve updated you guys. I have been super busy so I apologize. There is so much to share but I will squeeze 5 weeks of my experience into one short blog post. Please feel free to email me or comment your email address if you have any questions :).

Week 3 ( Killing the Giants ) The theme for Week 3 was “Killing the Giants”. This week we were challenged to look at situations that are “giants” in our lives. My giant for this week was showing the love of Christ. I  don’t hate people, its just with the transition of not having roommates to living with three other roommates, it has been a little rocky. During this week, God just really showed me that I needed to constantly depend on him to lead me in how I should love others. During this week we also had a “Will Listen” outreach where we went out into the community with “will listen” signs to spark conversations. So many times, as Christians we do all the talking, but this outreach was just an opportunity to listen to those in the San Diego Community. 

Week 4 ( Empowered) Week 4 was all about being Empowered. During this week,we had an international dinner. We were all split up in different countries and I was put in America of all places. Being in America, life was good,we had sooooo much food. I ate for about 8 people that day. We were able to visit other countries and give them money but we couldn’t give them any food. The staff kept encouraging us to eat and eat and eat. It was so tempting, but after a while I stopped because I was so full. This was such a powerful experience!  

During our debrief time , we learned that so many times when we travel to different countries we focus on ourselves instead of focusing on God and how we can lead people to Him. This experience also helped me learn how selfish I am and how easily distracted I can get. Being in America, we had it all…food, games, movies, music…EVERYTHING.  I watched the other people in the other countries as they stared at my food. The staff did a great job of showing how easy it is to get distracted and fall into temptation.

We also went on a women’s retreat this weekend. It was awesome!!! We went to Indian Hills camp site and we did an obstacle course and some team building activities with our roommates. The women’s retreat was super cool because we finished our series on learning the women in the genealogy of Jesus(sOOOOO GOOD). This was a super POWERFUL WEEK!

Week 5 ( Transition) Week 5 was all about Transition. As apart of our project, we have about 40 staff members who are here with us during the first 5 weeks of project. They leave during week 5 and choose students to step up as leaders. We had a core leadership team of 4( two directors and two operations staff) as well as ministry team staff members. I was chosen to be on leadership as one of the project directors. I was so humbled and honored that they chose me. I was finally starting to get used to being a follower and learning how to be a great follower when God called me to step up and lead. I did not know what to expect and I still could’t believe it was time for staff to go. I wanted them to stay ! lol The encouragement I got from my peers when my name was announced as project director was incredible. It felt good to have the support of those around me. So many other staff members came up to me and told me how proud they were of me. 

During week 5, I was also baptized. I had never been baptized before so I prayed about it and asked my missional team leaders from back in Springfield if they would baptize me at the project wide baptism. On Monday June 23,2014, I made a public declaration that I was a daughter of the King and that I would do WHATEVER IT TAKES to worship God and do what He calls me to do. It was such an incredible night. I also really wanted my best friend and one of my first college friends Sarah-Grace to baptize me. Yes, three people baptized me and yes it was AWESOME! Getting baptized was definitely one of the highlights of my summer.

Week  6 ( Step up and Push Through) This week was our first week without staff. As a responsibility of being on the leadership team, we are required to set the theme of the week for students. We chose the theme “step up and push through” to encourage students to step up as leaders and to push through the end of project. our theme verses were Hebrews 12:1-3 and Philippians 3:14. This week myself along with the other members of my ministry team had the opportunity to train students on how to share their testimony.  It was really cool to see students step up as leaders! On the 4th, I got a chance to go to the San Diego country fair and it was a blast!!! I got to ride so many rides and go to the petting zoo. #funtimes 




I love this lady! She invested in my life so much this summer and I am excited to see how God works through her as she travels to East Asia. #welovefreestuff